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Faculty Achievements
Mrs.J.K.Jothi Kalpana, Professor is pursuing Ph.D. in Anna University, Chennai. Conference Presentation / Workshop Participation/ Journal Publication
Mr.P.Karunanidhi, Professor acted as judge in Student technical symposium, organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering at E.S. College of Engineering, Villupuram on14th March 2014.
Mr.P.Karunanidhi, Professor acted as judge in National level conference on “Advanced Methodologies in Information Communication Engineering”, organized by Department of Information Technology at Mailam Engineering College, Mailam on 22nd March 2014.
Mr.M.BalaAnand, Assistant Professor participated in workshop on “Big Data Analytics and Cloud computing”, organized by Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore from 19th to 23rd May 2014.
Mr.M.BalaAnand, Mr.V.Vinothraj and Mr.A.Daison Raj, Assistant Professors participated in ISTE-SRM sponsored Short Term Training Programme on “Big Data Analytics”, organized by Department of Information Technology, Easwari Engineering College, Chennai during 2nd to 8th June 2014.
Ms.C.Leena, Mr.N.Gobinathan and Mrs.S.Sindhuja, Assistant Professors participated in Anna University sponsored Faculty Development Programme on “Mobile Pervasive Computing”, organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University College of Engineering, Panruti from 13th to 19th June 2014. Mr.S.Shanmugam, Assistant Professor attended ISTE & IIT Bombay sponsored workshop on “Computer Programming”, organized by Anna University Chennai from 16th to 21st June 2014.
Ms.C.Leena and Ms.R.Ezhilarasi, Assistant Professors participated in Faculty Development Programme on “Cryptography and Network Security”, organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai from 19th to 21st June 2014.
Prof. P.Karunanidhi, Professor, Ms.N.Kavitha, Associate Professor and Ms.S.Suguna, Assistant Professor participated as Resource Persons in Academic Blooms, STAR (Student Development, Teachable moments, Academic infusion, Role modelling)programme at Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Madagadipet, Pudhucherry on 21st June 2014.
Ms.M.Sowmiya, Assistant Professor attended Anna University sponsored Faculty Development Programme on “Computer Architecture”, organized by Madras institute of Technology, Chennai from 24th to 30th June 2014.
Mr. F. Destonius Dhiraviam and Mr.M.Sabareesan, Assistant Professors attended two days National seminar on “Big Data Analytics” at Anna University, Chennai on 19th and 20 th July 2013.
Prof. P. Karunanidhi, Ms . R . Vijayalakshmi, Mrs.K.Nirmala, Mr.R.Dashnamoorthy and Mr.A.DaisonRaj, Assistant Professors attended one day workshop on “Students’ Counselling and Stress Management” in Mailam Engineering College on 17th August 2013.
Ms.R. Vijayalakshmi, Assistant Professor presented a paper “Anoto communicator” in National Conference on Computing and communication Engineering (NCCCE 2013) at Agni College of Technology, Chennai on 27th September 2013
Mr. M. Balaanand, Assistant Professor attended one day National seminar on “Challenges and Strategies in Research” at SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore on 27 th September 2013.
Mr.V.Vinothraj, Assistant Professor attended three day Faculty Development Programme on “IBM DB2” at ICT Academy of TamilNadu, Perungudi, chennai from 8th to 10th October 2013.
Ms.R.Vijayalakshmi , Mrs.H.Ambika , Mrs.R.Rajalakshmi, Assistant Professors attended two days workshop on “Agile Software Process” in SRM University, Chennai on 27th and 28th November 2013.
Prof.P.Karunanidhi, Prof. J.K.JothiKalpana, Ms.N.Kavitha, Associate Professor, Mrs.K.Nirmala, Mrs.H.Ambika, Mrs.R.Rajalakshmi, Ms.S.Suguna, Ms.R.Vijayalakshmi, Mr.R.Dhashnamoorthy, Mr.F. Destonius Dhiraviam, Ms.C.Leena, Mr.A.Daison Raj, Mr.N.Gobinathan, Mr.M.Balaanandh, Mr.V.Vinothraj, Ms.R.Ezhilarasi, Mr.S.Shanmugam and Ms.S.Sindhuja, Assistant Professors attended Anna University Sponsored one week Faculty Development Programme on “Computer Organization and Architecture” in VRS College of Engineering and Technology from 4th to 10 th December 2013.
Ms. R.Vijayalakshmi, Assistant Professor published a paper titled “Anoto Communicator” in International Journal of Emerging Technology & Research- IJETR IISN(Online): 2347-5900 ISSN(Print):2347-6079 on 6th December 2013.
Mr.N.Gobinathan, Assistant Professor attended one week Faculty Development programme on “Principles of Compiler Design” in Anna University, Regional centre, Coimbatore from 12 th to 18 th December 2013.
Ms.N.Kavitha, Associate Professor and Ms. S.Suguna, Assistant Professor attended two days workshop on “Ethical Hacking and Network Security” in Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry on 19 th and 20th December 2013.