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  • INTRODUCTION Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 1994-1995.The department has full-fledged infrastructure and well prepared laboratories for their corresponding courses.The department has sophisticated internet facilities provided for academic, self-learning and research work.The graduate syllabus has more advanced topics and over the years, students have gained increasing freedom to opt for different electives.The department portraits as eminent center of excellence in the field of teaching, learning and research synergize to deliver technical education and scientific research.

    LABORATORY FACILITIES To gain more practical knowledge and research experience in addition to theory classes, students are being taken into laboratory experiments. The labs are well equipped with state of art facilities. The laboratories such as CAD/CAM lab,Strength of Materials lab, Thermal Engineering lab, Manufacturing lab, Communication Skills and lab, Basic Engineering lab, Dynamics lab, Mechatronics lab, Engineering material and metallurgy lab,& Computer Aided Design and Drafting lab.

    FACULTY DETAILS The mission of the faculty is to transform the students into engineers to provide quality professional and community services. Each faculty has a deep sense of belonging to the institution and is devoted to maximize the career opportunities available to students across the campus and beyond. The department has these kinds of faculties with diverse specialization. They are actively engaged in research and constantly publish papers in International and National Conferences. These faculty members focus in developing their individual skills in various areas as well as guiding the final year students to complete their projects successfully.

    MISSION – 10X Our faculties are trained in “Mission 10X – Faculty Empowerment program” and implement the active learning methodologies/techniques in class room deliveries, which have given a new dimension in the teaching – learning process.

    SOFT SKILL Around the world, employers are looking for people with better emotional skills, such as self-management, ability to work under stressful conditions, interpersonal skills as well as proficiency in communication, presenting ideas and negotiation. To achieve these parameters, our students are well trained by soft skill trainers with continuous assessment of personality as well as placement.

    ADD-ON COURSES Curriculum is alone not sufficient to get placed in companies and students have to gain knowledge in their specialized area. So students are provided industry focused additional courses. Every year add-on courses are conducted based on industrial needs. Some of the concerns which conduct courses are MechCI-CADD, Chennai, Sharp Design technology, Chennai and CADD Center, Villupuram.

    DEPARTMENT LIBRARY The Library is the temple of learning. Our department library has a collection of massive books in various specializations of Mechanical engineering. These books are classified and maintained effectively.

    COUNSELING The students are given special attention on attendance as well as academic performance by allocating class advisors and counselors for them. The progress of students is being maintained in records individually. Special counseling is given for frail students at the time of university examinations by our staff members. Staff members who produce first-class results by their scrupulous counseling will be awarded with cash prize during annual day celebration.

    MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MoU) WITH INDUSTRIES The memorandum of understanding bridges the gap between industry and institute and provides real time training to the students for making them as industry ready professionals in their core field. Our department has signed MoUs with Chennai Hydro-Maatics Pvt Ltd, MechCI CADD, Chennai and CADD Center, Villupuram, Sharp design technology Pvt Ltd, Chennai to provide industrial visits, in-plant training and placement assistance to the final year students.

    UNIVERSITY RANKS The remarkable academic performance of students to depict is 1st [Mr.K.SATHISH KUMAR – Reg. No. 8791090], 4th [Mr.R.KARTHIKEYAN – Reg.No.854268] and 7th [Mr.R.DEVANATHAN – Reg.No.8091327] University ranks in the year 2001, 1999 and 2004 in B.E.Mechanical Engineering and [Gopalakrishnan.M –Reg.No422713430001] 1st rank gold medalist M.E (Product Design and Development) in 2015 respectively.

    IN- PLANT TRAINING We prepare the students not only with the knowledge and soft skills for their career, but also industry exposure through in-plant training for gaining experience. The students are guided to attend in-plant training in industries to know the working principles of the processes. The in-plant training will be of full practical sessions and individual machines will be given to the students for practicing. Industries provide training in such a way that the students are equipped to work in any top level MNCs and abroad. The students are availed to undergo in-plant training during their semester holidays. Our students are undergoing in-plant training in TNSTC-Villupuram, Nellikuppam sugar mills, Hero Motors, TVS Motors, Chennai, Chennai Shipyard, Pondicherry, Good win mototrs, Chennai and JBM Private limited, Kanchipuram.

    ANNUAL DAY The cadence of life touches right note when it blossoms with all colors. Every year, the institution celebrates annual day during spring season. The students who excel in academics and sports are awarded with cash prizes and momentos. The staff members also awarded with “Gold Rings” for producing excellent results in Anna University examinations and research works.

    PROJECT CONTESTS Knowledge of latest research innovations is the key for developing the technical manpower of the nation due to the overgrowing demand of industry for research oriented technocrats. A project contest is a platform to students for exposing their potential by their innovative findings in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The institution conducts major project contest to the final year students every year and the institute also conducts a mini project contest for all students to encourage their innovation and conception. Top performing and innovative projects are honored with cash prize.

    INDUSTRIAL VISIT Students are exposed to latest industry practices through several industrial visits during their course. The following are the few companies visited for industrial visit. In Kerala, Anna Aluminum, Kadavil Electro Mechanical Industries, Targo Cable company, Jefferson Engineering industries, Kerala electrical, Kalva Engineers Pvt Ltd, Variams Engineering Works, United Cooling systems, Modern Industries Pvt Ltd in Kerala, Classic Cooling Towers, Coimbatore, Roots Industries, Coimbatore, Scan Machineries, Coimbatore, Best Engineering, Micro Engineering Works, Coimbatore and Ooty tea factory.

    PLACEMENT The placement cell offers placement in well reputed companies by providing a spacious range of opportunities. The institution ties up with the companies like MNK Tech Soft, Chennai, Kaivalya Tech services, Puducherry, Eureka forbes, Chennai, Reliance, Chennai, Shree R.R.Machine Tools, S.H.Electronics, Chennai, Sharp Design Technologies, Chennai, Metal Scope Private Limited and SNY Auto tech Private limited to provide placements for final year students.

    ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES To encourage the faculty and student interaction, the department organizes various seminars, lectures, workshops, paper presentation and project contests, etc. Through these activities, students get an opportunity to interact with well-known personalities from the corporate world and the academia.

  • Vision Exploring innovative approaches to enhance and expand learning opportunities through the integration of technology & Building a strong research and teaching environment that responds to the real-time challenges of the industry.

    Mission Our mission is to provide a excellent education in all Mechanical related fields. Our main task is to prepare students for careers in industry or to pursue advanced studies. Upon graduation, our students will be able to perform research in all branches of the Mechanical. Also a part of our mission is to provide a teaching environment that emphasizes depth, originality and critical thinking.

  • Programme Educational Objectives & Programme Outcomes

    Programme Educational Objective [Major] To develop in-depth technical knowledge and practical skills in the application of broad elements leading to successful engineering design, raising engineering standards, overcoming realistic constraints and a systematic engineering process incorporating industry needs.

    Programme Educational Objectives [PEOs]

    The educational objectives of UG program in Mechanical Engineering are:
    To provide sound foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to analyze, formulate and solve engineering problems.
    To provide thorough knowledge in Mechanical Engineering subjects including theoretical knowledge and practical training for preparing physical models pertaining to Engineering Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Kinematics of machinery, Fluid Mechanics & Machinery, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermal Engineering, Dynamics of Machinery, Gas dynamics & Jet Propulsion, Automobile Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Power Plant Engineering, Mechatronics etc.
    To provide relevant engineering experience in designing and conducting experiments as well as analyzing the significance of the experimental data.
    To provide training in soft skills viz English language, communication, verbal, logical, analytical, comprehension, team building, inter personal relationship, group discussion etc for placement.
    To inculcate the habit of lifelong learning for career development through successful completion of advanced degrees, professional development courses, industrial training etc.
    To impart technical knowledge, ethical values for professional development of the student to solve complex problems and to work in multi disciplinary ambience, whose solutions lead to significant societal benefits.

    Programme Outcomes (POs)

    The outcomes of departments are that the students after successful completion of the course will acquire:
    *An ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering subjects.
    *An ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
    *An ability to design and conduct experiments to interpret data and analyze the results.
    *An ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering subjects.
    *An ability to design system components or processes to satisfy the needs of the society within realistic constraints such as economical, social, political, ethical, health, safety and manufacturing.
    *An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams.
    *An ability to understand professional and ethical responsibilities.
    *An ability to communicate effectively.
    *An ability to gain knowledge to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, environmental and societal context.
    *An ability to understand the need and engage in life-long learning process.
    *To gain knowledge on contemporary issues.
    *An ability to use techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


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