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    The Department of Science and Humanities was established in the academic year 1994-95 by offering the courses in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering with the intake of 60 in each. Now, the department functions with six courses [Mechanical Engineering (2sections), Civil Engineering (2sections), Computer science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering] and total intake is 420.
    The Department has well-experienced and qualified teaching faculty members having specialization in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Management. All the faculties have been trained by WIPRO to follow “Mission-10X innovative teaching methodologies” for educating the students.
    The department has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Computer and Communication and Soft Skills laboratories. Computer and Communication lab have been upgraded with new softwares to help the students to improve their language proficiency and keep in track with the new technologies. The department provides wireless high speed internet and network connections for the students to access internet at anytime inside the college and keep in pace academic and research work. The library of the department has a wide variety of books.
    The department is offering Soft Skill Training Programme and Aptitude classes in addition to the academic courses to enrich the students’ intellectual power since Soft skills have been identified as the most critical skill required for the current global job market.
    The faculty members are encouraged to go for higher studies and research. Further, the department encourages the staff members to present their research papers in conferences, guest lectures and through publications. The department had received a fund of Rs15,000 from TNSCST to conduct “One Day National Level Workshop on Ramanujan works” in 2014. Our staff got first and Second places in Zonal level in “ISTE Srinivasa Ramanujam Mathematical Competitive Examination” being held every year.
    Students have also been encouraged to participate in the conference and mini projects. From the inception, the department provides courageous environment for advancing the state of knowledge and technology through innovative research activities.

  • Vision
    Our vision is to promote the students in mastering the knowledge of science and language ability to meet the crucial and competitive technological world in the 21st century.

    Our mission is to create a community of learning, in which students acquire a strong foundation of basic science, Mathematics and to promote progress in related fields of Engineering. Also, it aims at imparting proficiency in English to the rural based students for their successful academic and professional career.

  • Major Objectives

    To provide sound foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to analyze, formulate and solve engineering problems.


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