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    The Department of Civil Engineering was started in the year 2004 with an intake of 33 Students. The intake had been increased to 120 in the academic year 2014-15. Around 300 graduates have passed out from our department with appropriate acquaintance. From the inception, the Department of Civil Engineering is keen in developing the instructional, analytical and communication capabilities of the budding engineers. The department is equipped with adequate smart classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, department library, computer facilities, Wi-Fi facility, seminar hall etc.

    In addition to theory classes, students have hands on experience by conducting Laboratory Experiments. The laboratories such as Survey Lab, Computer Aided Building Drawing, Strength of Materials Lab, Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory, Communication Skills and Laboratory, Concrete and Highway Engineering Lab, Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Environmental and Irrigation Engineering Drawing, Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Survey Camp, Computer Aided Design and Drafting Laboratory are well equipped with state of art facilities.

    Well qualified and experienced faculty members are working in the department to achieve technical excellence with noted commendation for their exemplary standards in all fields. They specialize in Structural, Construction Engineering Management, Environmental and Transportation, Advanced Construction Techniques. The faculty members contribute to academic development by publishing books, presenting papers in international and national conferences and publishing research papers in referred journals.

    Soft skill is an important part of the individual contributions to the success of any organization. Particularly those organizations dealing with customers face-to-face are generally more successful if they train their staff to use these skills. For this reason, soft skills are increasingly sought out by employers in addition to standard qualifications. To achieve these parameters and our students are well trained by soft skill trainers with continuous assessment which will be helpful to develop their personality as well as placement. Conducted technical and soft skill development programme like group discussion, seminar, aptitude training, hands-on training (Ms Office word, power point presentation) were given training on every Saturday.

    The institution offers a wide range of career-oriented programmes in various related areas. Add- on courses are conducted to the students to enhance their knowledge in expedient and placement activities. Some of the indicative courses for Civil Engineering include Stadd Pro, Revit Archicad and CADD were conducted by KKM Soft Pvt Ltd., Chennai and CADD Centre, Villupuram.

    The Department is endowed with ample amount of books for the reference of students and staff members.

    The students are given special attention on attendance and academic performance by class advisors and class counselors. The progress is being recorded in track records meticulously.

    Special counseling is given for frail students at the time of University Examinations by the staff members. Staffs members who are known for their meticulous counseling are awarded with cash prize during annual day celebration.

    The Department has signed MOU with TEKLA Steel Structures, Mumbai, Enrich Designs, Chennai, ARC Construction, Chidambaram and Scope Builders Academy, Chennai to provide industrial visits, in -plant training and placement assistance to the final year students.

    Our department students had proved their potential and succeeded with Anna University ranks, such as 3rd [Ms.Gnana Jency- Reg. No. 42104103305] and 6th [Ms.S.N.Thameemunizsa – Reg. No. 42104103006] ranks in 2008.

    The students are also encouraged to undergo in-plant training in any one of the reputed organization during semester holidays to have an industry related experience. Our students undergo in-plant training in Jayam Construction, Villupuram, Sivaguru Engineering Works, Trichy, JENO Maran Builders Pvt. Ltd, Pondicherry, RPP Infra Projects Ltd, Erode and La France Villa Project, Pondicherry, Office of the Divisional Engineer (C&M) Highways, Villupuram, Sivaa Engineering Consultants, Chennai, Kemia Apartments Limited, Pondicherry, Computer Design Centre, Central Office, Public Works Department, Pondicherry, Dilip Kulkarni & Associates, Mumbai, Viji Engineering Consultancy & Contracting, Tittagudi.

    Annual Day is an expression of creativity and imagination portrayed by the students. Every year, the institution celebrates annual during spring season. All the students who excel in academics and sports are awarded with cash prizes and momentos. All staffs members are also awarded with ‘Gold Rings’ for producing the pinnacle results in Anna university examinations and research works.

    Project contests provide a framework for combined learning, training, information, action and new encounters. The institution conducts Major Project Contest to the final year students every year, to apply their imagination and creativity to technology innovations that can make a difference.
    The institution also conducts a Mini Project Contest for all the students to motivate their innovation and creation. All the projects models are exhibited in the campus for a week. Best innovations are honored with cash prize to appreciate the students.

    Every year, Industrial Visits are arranged to provide knowledge of an insight regarding internal working of companies. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. The following are the quite few companies, visited for Industrial Visit. V.S & CO., Coimbatore, CADD Tech projects, Trichy, Clear Aqua Technologies Pvt Ltd, Trichy, Prasar Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation of India, Kodaikanal, Kodai Dairy Products, Batlangundu, Mayflower Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, V K Constructions, Telungapalayam, Balamurugan Associates, Coimbatore, Federal House Construction Co-Op Soc Limited, Kerala, Trinity Foundation, Cochin, Good Earth Homes Construction, Kerala, Anglo Cements Industries, Palakkad, Ellowrah Construction, Ooty, Wood Land Builders, Ooty, Paranbikulam Dam, Pollachi, KAP India Tiles, Thirussur, HiranArchitects, Kodaikanal, B Square Constructions, Trissur, Harbour at Cochin and Pechi Dam, Bavanai Sagar Dam, G. S Association Building Construction at Munnar, Ravimuruga Constructions and URC Constructions at Coimbatore, Shiva Sree Builders,Coimbatore, Mary Paints Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, Green Plywood Industry,Cochin, V.M Construction, S.P.D Architect& Construction, Coimbatore, etc.,

    The Institution offers career placements for the students. The college ties up with Reliance Communication, Chennai, Eureka Forbes, Coimbatore, SNY Autotech Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, Amar Prakash Developers, Chennai, Springs Structural Engg Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, Star Ready Mix, Chennai, CADD Center, Chennai, KKM Soft (P) Ltd, Chennai, Mascons ECC Pvt. Ltd, Chennai and Enrich Designs, Chennai to provide placement to students.

    Our department has its own association with all staff and students as its members. A good number of guest lectures and co-curricular activities are being arranged with eminent and learned personalities as resource persons from various industries. The students are motivated to participate in all kinds of technical events in our college and other technical institutions. The winners of the events are appreciated with rewards by the management.

  • Vision
    Continuously improve upon academic and systems and creating an atmosphere conducive to learning in order to maximize the number of students securing University Ranks and Higher studies.

    Signing up of MOU’s with industries to enhance institute- industry interaction leading to In-plant training, innovative projects and job opportunities to students.

  • Programme Educational Objectives & Programme Outcomes

    Programme Educational Objective [Major]
    To develop technical knowledge and practical skills in the application of broad elements, essential to successful engineering design, realistic constraints and a systematic engineering process incorporating industry needs.

    Programme Educational Objectives [PEOs]

    The educational objectives of UG program in Civil Engineering are:

    To provide sound foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to analyze, formulate and solve engineering problems.

    To provide thorough knowledge in Civil subjects including theoretical and practical training for preparing physical models pertaining to Survey , Computer Aided Building Drawing , Strength of Materials , Hydraulic Engineering , Communication Skills , Concrete and Highway Engineering ,Soil Mechanics, Environmental and Irrigation Engineering Drawing, Environmental Engineering , Survey Camp, Computer Aided Design and Drafting etc.

    To provide relevant engineering experience in designing and conducting experiments as well as analyzing the significance of the experimental data.

    To provide training in soft skills via English language, communication, verbal, logical, analytical, comprehension, team building, inter personal relationship, group discussion etc for placement.

    To inculcate the habit of lifelong learning for career development through successful completion of advanced degrees, professional development courses, industrial training etc.

    To impart technical knowledge, ethical values for professional development of the student to solve complex problems and to work in multi disciplinary ambience, whose solutions lead to significant societal benefits.

    Programme Outcomes (POs)
    The outcomes of departments are that the students after successful completion of the course will acquire: • An ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering subjects.
    • An ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
    • An ability to design and conduct experiments to interpret data and analyze the results.
    • An ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering subjects.
    • An ability to design system components or processes to satisfy the needs of the society within realistic constraints such as economical, social, political, ethical, health, safety and manufacturing.
    • An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams.
    • An ability to understand professional and ethical responsibilities.
    • An ability to communicate effectively.
    • An ability to gain knowledge to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, environmental and societal context.
    • An ability to understand the need and engage in life-long learning process.
    • To gain knowledge on contemporary issues.
    • An ability to use techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


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