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Governing Council
Serial No Name Members
1 Tmt.Vijaya Muthuvannan Chairperson
2 Thiru.S.R.Ramanathan Secretary and Correspondent
3 Thiru.N.Muthuvannan Director- Board of Governors
4 Er.M.Saravannan Chief Executive Officer,
AICTE Nominee Southern Regional Officer (Ex-Officio),
University Nominee – To be nominated, &
State Government Nominee-CTE (Ex-Officio)
5 Dr.R.Murugesan, M.Sc., Ph.D. Director, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences Chettinad University, Chennai, Member
6 Dr.N.Alagumurthi, M.Tech., Ph.D. Professor, Pondicherry Engineering College, Member
7 Prof.P.Karunanidhi, M.Tech., Head, Department of CSE, Member
8 Dr.J.Joseph Ignatious, M.Tech., Ph.D. Liaison Officer(Govt. Affairs), Member
9 Dr.N.Anbazhaghan, M.E., Ph.D. Principal, Member Secretary