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Memorandum of Understanding is signed with the companies to provide Inplant Trainings, Industrial Visits, Internships, Projects and Placement Opportunities to the students
Group of FIIT Formation Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd., Puducherry [ECE]
Ford India Private Limited, Chennai [Mechanical]
Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Krishnankoil
Sands Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd., Chennai [ECE]
KG Information Systems Private Limited, Coimbatore. [CSE]
eAPPZ Softwares, Chennai. [CSE]
Courseeplus Private Limited, Chennai. [CSE]
Eyeopen Technologies Private Limited, Trichy. [CSE]
STC Technologies, Chennai. [CSE]
Signal and Systems (India) Private Limited, Chennai. [ECE]
RJP Infotek Private Limited, Chennai. [ECE]
Hytech Good Will Training and Testing Centre, Chennai. [EEE]
SoftXper Private Limited, Chennai. [ECE]
Softtech Solutions Private Limited, Chennai. [ECE]
Axis Global Automation, Chennai. [EEE]
VNS Automation Solutions Private Limited, Chennai. [ECE]
Vajenthura Microwave Products, Chengalpet [ECE]
MECH-CI CADD, Chennai [Mechanical]
KKM Soft Private Limited, Chennai. [Civil]
Cadd Centre, Villupuram [Mechanical& Civil]
Enrich Global Private Limited, Chennai. [Civil]
Deepak Cables Private Limited, Pondicherry. [Mechanical]
Sharon Solutions Limited, Pondicherry. [ECE]
StudioQ Branding Solutions Private Limited, Pondicherry. [CSE]
Sakthi Construction, Chennai. [Civil]
Vibrant NDT Services Chennai [Mechanical]
Sharp design Technologies, Chennai [Mechanical]
Innovative Engineering Services, Coimbatore. [Mechanical]
Federation of all Civil Engineers Association of Tamil Nadu& Pondicherry. [Civil]
Q max Systems Private Limited, Chennai [ECE]
Gleaming Software, Pondicherry. [CSE]
Institute for Construction Materials& Technologies Private Limited (ICOMAT), Chennai. [Civil]
Sri Innovators, Erode.[Civil]
ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT), Chennai. [CSE]
Neo Insight Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.[CSE]
Hirotec India, Coimbatore.[EEE]
Elysium Technologies Private Ltd, Pondicherry. [CSE]
Scope Builders Academy, Chennai. [Civil]
Spicasoft Infotech Private Limited, Coimbatore [CSE]
Padmavahini transformers Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore [EEE]
Aveon Infotech., Coimbatore. [EEE]
Embedded Caliber Technologies, Coimbatore [EEE]
National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), Chennai [ECE]
4D Research Lab, Chennai [ECE]