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We are committed to promote the highest standards of honesty and integrity to ensure that all members of the community recognize the inherent benefits of living to guarantee that academic performance is evaluated reliably and rewarded fairly.


We conduct our activities with complete and open transparency. We try to be accountable and open in all our administrative and academic practices.


We recognize the expertise of all members of the Institute and encourage individual contribution.

  • We will include stakeholders in the decisions that affect them.
  • We treat people with dignity and encourage feelings of self-worth.
  • We promote trust through professional courtesy and fair treatment.
  • We recognize and support employee and student contributions.


  • We support the vision and mission of the College.
  • We focus on student and stakeholder needs.
  • We respond to the changing needs of our communities in a timely manner.
  • We create new programs and services to meet identified needs.
  • We continuously evaluate and improve programs, services, systems, and policies.
  • We utilize a shared decision making process


  • We will exhibit quality in staffing, facilities, programs, and services.
  • We promote continuous improvement.
  • We anticipate needs and respond accordingly.
  • We utilize systems that promote student and employee success.
  • We view setbacks as learning experiences.


We embrace the tradition of career-focused education and core values of VRSCET through the integrity of our curriculum and instruction. We instill these values in our students.